Newly installed New York Governor Kathy Hochul announced this week that she was expanding the eligibility to the state $800 million small business recovery grant program to allow businesses with 2019 revenues up to $2.5 million to qualify for the grant program. The Pandemic Business Recovery Initiative, which was initiated under former Governor Andrew Cuomo, who resigned after being found by an investigation by the New York Attorney General to have sexually harassed as many as 11 different women, provides eligible businesses with grants of up to $50,000. Under Cuomo, the eligibility ceiling was set at $500,000 in 2019 revenues and disqualified most businesses that received a PPP loan from the SBA. Governor Hochul is also allowing businesses that may have received up to $250,000 in PPP loans to apply for the program and allowing 5 times the revenue in 2019. The Pandemic Business Recovery grants must be used on reimbursable pandemic-related expenses incurred between March 1, 2020 and April 1, 2021 including payroll, rent or mortgage payments, taxes and utilities.