Speaking of the NLRB and their egregious decision on joint-employer, the architect of that ruling, General Counsel Richard Griffin, was working under a fixed term contract which expired on November 1 and he is no longer with the NLRB. Effective the first of this month, Griffin was out as General Counsel and the acting general counsel role was filled with Griffin’s deputy counsel, Jennifer Abruzzo. Her tenure in that capacity is going to be a very short one however, as the US Senate confirmed attorney Peter Robb for the post on Wednesday of this week. Vermont resident Robb, who litigated President Reagan’s termination of the Professional Air Traffic Controllers union (PATCO) back in 1981, will likely assume his formal duties next week, completing a significant turnover at NLRB – President Trump has now appointed a republican majority and the general counsel, which is similar to a prosecutor for the NLRB – deciding which cases merit a formal complaint and hearing by the full five-member board.