Induction Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility & Tenure
The candidate must be or have been involved for 15 years or more with the Dunkin’ Donuts system.  For the purposes of DDIFO Hall of Fame eligibility, the system is defined as being a Dunkin’ Donuts Franchise Owner, an employee of a Franchise Owner, a Dunkin’ Brands employee, DCP Employee, guest, or a professional service or vendor that provided goods or services to the Dunkin’ Donuts Franchise Owner community.

Past or Current Involvement
As long as all other eligibility requirements are met, it is not necessary to be active in the Dunkin’ Donuts system today.  A candidate from the past, a currently active candidate or a deceased candidate can be nominated and inducted.

The candidate must exhibit outstanding character. Examples of these character traits may include: Honesty, Integrity, Selflessness, Spirit of Volunteerism, Courage, Leadership, Forward-­‐looking Orientation, and Ability to Inspire Others.

The candidate routinely puts others before themselves.  They exhibit strong family ties.  The candidate is charitable and generous.  They are a “go to” person in the Franchise Owner community, the community where he/she does business, and the community where he/she lives.

Community Impact
The candidate must have made a contribution of sustainable significance on franchise owner equity and brand value. This can take the form of noteworthy service on the Advisory Council, DCP Board, DDIFO, Operational Innovation, Product Innovation, Geographic Pioneer, or in some other way materially improved the Dunkin Donuts System, benefitting the Franchise Owner Community at large. Generally, material impact can be assessed by answering this question: “Would the Dunkin Donuts System be materially less than it is today had it not been for the special efforts of this candidate?”

“Guest First”
Understands and appreciates the absolute importance of guest satisfaction and loyalty.  The candidate demonstrates through his/her actions that putting the guest first leads to a thriving and profitable business.

The candidate is an individual that others looks up to, gravitates toward, and follows.  The candidate sets a clear example for all to follow.  The candidate strives to improve the Dunkin’ Donuts system through volunteerism and follow through. The candidate is not concerned about what everyone else is doing or thinking, but how they can constructively influence others to make a difference.