If as the old sayings go, Orange is the new Black, and 50 is the new 40, then hazard pay for ‘frontline workers’ is the new paid sick leave. Currently the benefit – between $4 and $5 more an hour – is mostly limited to grocery workers, but some have already talked about the need to expand the benefit to workers in other businesses. Leading the field to that end as we reported in November 2020, the Portland Maine hazard pay mandate applies to all minimum wage workers during the duration of a declared emergency. In addition, the dictate in Coachella, CA was expanded to include farm workers while a pending proposal in San Francisco would cover janitors and security personnel at covered employers. To date, the largest city to impose hazard pay is still tied up in the courts over the issue. The city of Seattle is urging a federal judge to dismiss a legal challenge to that city’s $4/hour premium for grocery workers filed last month by the Northwest Grocers Association and the Washington Food Industry Association. A number of similar lawsuits have been filed challenging the hazard pay mandates and the Kroger grocery chain has announced the closing of 2 of its stores in California rather than acquiesce to this latest government dictate!