Despite the ongoing difficulties restaurant owners across the country are experiencing as a result of the ongoing coronavirus shutdowns and re-shutdowns as above, public health ‘experts’ in New York are now urging Governor Cuomo to raise the state minimum wage for all restaurant workers – whether they want it or not – to $15 per hour and eliminate tipping across the entire state. In a letter sent last week to the Governor, over 30 medical professionals joined the campaign of the group One Fair Wage to advocate for the elimination of tipping. The ‘experts’ hang their argument on the possibility that restaurant servers may be tempted to not enforce pandemic rules so as not to anger customers and risk their tips! Historically, restaurant workers have opposed eliminating tipping and the tip credit as it often leads to reduced total earnings, hours and employment, with efforts to restore/preserve tipping succeeding in the past few years in Maine and the District of Columbia. Cuomo has yet to respond to the letter.