Mount Airy News reports that customers of the Wilco on Rockford Street have had trouble gaining access during the past week as construction crews have taken over the parking lot.

However, Steve Williams, president of Wilco, hopes the results of the ongoing renovation will be good for business.

Morgan Wall/The News The Wilco on Rockford Street is undergoing construction to put in a Dunkin Donuts self-service center.

As part of a new program by the company, Mount Airy’s Wilco will be gaining a Dunkin Donuts once construction wraps up sometime in the next 10 days.

“We’re renovating the inside and adding a Dunkin Donuts,” said Williams.

The Dunkin Donuts will provide self-service coffee and doughnuts for customers with doughnuts made in-house.

“It’s part of a program we’re rolling out to as many of our stores as we can. We have had good results so far. We’re optimistic,” said Williams.