With Dunkin’ Brands setting its sights on improving the in-store guest experience, franchise owners are on the hunt for the best products and services to achieve this goal. Enter DDIFO Sponsor Hi-Tech Sound. You may be familiar with Hi-Tech’s drive-thru and surveillance system products and services, but did you know they also offer guest Wi-Fi and hot spot services as well as business music? The company has developed these new offerings in ways that specifically meet the needs of Dunkin’ Donuts franchisees.

“Our goal is to provide new technologies that enrich the Dunkin’ Donuts customer experience in ways that are safe and family-friendly, while also cost-effective and convenient for franchise owners,” said Hi-Tech CEO Gary Hanna. “And our customer service is unmatched. Our average response time is four hours, and we guarantee service within 24 hours.”

Having worked with Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owners for several years and currently serving nearly 500 shops nationwide, Hi-Tech understands all of the other technologies in your store—from POS to drive-thru to surveillance and more. In fact, the company is the only vendor experienced and trained on March Networks, HyperActive and HME Timers, 3M Drive Thru and MIXHITS Radio. As such, Hi-Tech is fully equipped to install and provide new services in ways that complement and ease integration with your existing technologies.

As you may know already, Dunkin’ Brands recently communicated that offering free, filtered Wi-Fi to customers is now a brand standard. The Guest Wi-Fi initiative has two target implementation dates: July 31, 2012 for stores that already have a second high-speed line or are in certain targeted markets, and October 31, 2012 for stores that will need to install a second high-speed data line. Dunkin’ Brands is funding the cost of the router for franchisees who place orders during these time frames. Hi-Tech Sound is one of the brand’s three approved partners to provide Wi-Fi content filtering services.

Hi-Tech Wi-Fi has partnered with Symantec to provide a safe and secure online experience for your customers. For just $5.90 per month ($70.68 annually), Hi-Tech’s content filtering and bandwidth management protects your guests and your reputation by providing a safe and enjoyable Web experience. Exclusive dual layer content filtering prevents guests from encountering adult content, illegal file sharing, malware, and other unsafe Web content by checking each transaction against two separate lists. When guests surf the Web in your store, Hi-Tech Wi-Fi first checks their destination against its nine million name “white and black list.” If it can’t immediately determine if the site is safe, it automatically passes the transaction on to Symantec for a second check. When it comes to bandwidth management, Hi-Tech’s router is configured to prevent any one user from clogging your network. The company even provides a separate unfiltered, password-protected wireless connection for your internal use that has priority bandwidth.

Dave Carvalho, a Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee with a 20-store network in Greater Boston and part of the new development in Milwaukee, has nothing but good things to say about his experience with Hi-Tech Wi-Fi. “Over the past six months, I’ve been installing Wi-Fi service in 50 to 75 percent of my network and have been working with Gary and the folks at Hi-Tech Sound. From a logistics standpoint, it couldn’t be any easier. They send the equipment, and you literally plug it in and are good to go,” said Carvalho. “I had a couple of minor issues in a few stores that I brought up to Gary and Hi-Tech’s customer service staff. They were very responsive and resolved the issues quickly and with great attention to detail. I’ll definitely be using Hi-Tech Wi-Fi for the remaining stores in my network.”

As a separate service, Hi-Tech Sound also offers business music, which is another way for you to enhance the in-store experience for your guests. In partnership with MIXHITS Radio, Hi-Tech can provide a streaming, commercial-free and family-friendly blend of upbeat pop hits targeted specifically to the QSR market. Billed as “Business music done right,” this service offers a better value than the competition because of its pricing and ease of use. The “plug-n-play” technology means there are no satellite dishes to install, no monthly discs to rotate and no hard drive required. A solid state music player delivers CD-quality music via your high-speed Internet connection and your amplifier. Just turn it on and start listening. In addition, when you purchase your business music from Hi-Tech for just $24.95 a month, all music licensing and royalty fees are covered.

“Our in-store music and free Wi-Fi services change the atmosphere of a Dunkin’ Donuts shop for the better,” Hanna said. “They make your shop more friendly and upbeat, enticing customers to come in, stay a while and return again and again.”

Hi-Tech is currently offering a money-saving Wi-Fi and music bundle for Dunkin’ Donuts franchisees. When you sign up for both services, you will get two free months of music and $30 off music hardware. To learn more, contact Gary Hanna at 508-624-7479 or gary@hitechsound.com, or visit dunkin.hitechwifi.com and mixhits.com.