With state-of-the-art drive-thru communications systems and timers alongside premium service and support, HME is a one-stop shop for improving drive-thru management and efficiency. HME has worked with Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owners and Dunkin’ Brands for many years, and now, the company is a DDIFO Sponsor.

ION-IQ System

Established in 1971, HME has a history of continuous innovation, including being the first to introduce the wireless drive-thru headset to the QSR industry. Following in that tradition, HME launched its groundbreaking ION IQ digital drive-thru headset system in February of this year. The system is designed to improve the drive-thru experience for both customers and employees with five cutting-edge sound technologies that reduce noise and increase clarity in headsets and speakers.

ION IQ also features a message center that allows you and your managers to customize alerts, reminders and greetings. Headset alerts and reminders can focus staff on issues of food safety, store security, key tasks and more. The customer greeter can deliver varying messages related to things like the time of day, store specials or new product promotions. What’s more, the entire system is remotely accessible, meaning you can modify the base station settings from anywhere.

HME’s ZOOM drive-thru timer system is another key component to increasing accuracy and speed of service. Its multi-colored graphical dashboard display makes it easy to see your operations performance in real time. The display shows how many cars are in the drive-thru and the cars change colors to indicate how quickly (or slowly) customers are being served. You and your staff can immediately identify bottlenecks and take action. The display also can be customized to show comparisons of actual service times to goal times.

Zoom Screenshot

With ZOOM’s fully customizable and remotely accessible graphical reports, you can easily see and evaluate performance issues and tie issues to specific day parts, shifts, day of the week, etc. Like ION IQ, you don’t need to be in the shop to access the system: Wherever you’ve got an Internet connection, you’ve got access. And if you’re shop has a System 30 Timer, HME’s DASH upgrade uses your existing system to provide the features of ZOOM at a fraction of the price.

Together with its top-notch products, HME prides itself on outstanding service. Most problems can be fixed over the phone with HME’s technical support specialists. If a part requires a physical repair, HME can advance ship a refurbished replacement to you so there is no down time. You can also opt in to an Equipment Maintenance Agreement (EMA), which covers your entire system–headsets, belt-pacs, base station, speakers and battery chargers–for a low monthly fee. The EMA also covers other brands like Panasonic and 3M.

VP of Marketing & New Business Development Daren Haas describes HME’s competitive edge this way, “Our advantage is that we are entirely focused on drive-thru restaurants. Our 30-plus years in the QSR industry makes us a leader in drive-thru solutions, always providing innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology to our customers. And since we manufacture, sell, market, design and support all of our products, customers can rely on us for all of their drive-thru needs.”

For more information and to find out about special pricing packages, contact HME Dunkin’ Donuts Account Representative Lisa Jokinen at 858-535-6085 or ljokinen@hme.com.