If the US House Appropriations Committee gets its way on pending funding legislation, the National Labor Relations Board will be in position to create a system whereby union representation elections would be held electronically. Last week, the Appropriations Committee formally approved FY23 funding legislation that includes funding for virtual elections thereby opening the door further for unfettered unionizing where union representatives can intimidate workers into supporting the unionizing on workplaces. With the democratic party controlling both houses of Congress by the narrowest of margins, democratic leadership is hopeful of advancing the notion of online union representation voting, a goal they’ve held since the first term of the Obama administration. The bill approved by House Appropriations would appropriate $1 million for the NLRB to create a system that would allow workers to vote online rather than in person or by mail. The legislation is expected to be considered on the House floor by the end of this month, but its chances in the Senate are even more perilous. Notwithstanding, the initiative could have a major impact on small businesses.