This week, while the Coalition of Franchisee Associations met in Washington DC (although I’m sure it was just coincidental), the US House of Representatives passed an amended version of the Senate budget, paving the way for the introduction of significant tax reform legislation as a topic of discussion.  The budget legislation is a far cry from the plan the House initially passed, which would have required lawmakers to offset the costs of new tax cuts and slash mandatory spending by $203 billion. The Senate plan does not call for any mandatory spending cuts and, in fact, allows for $1.5 trillion in new spending (just what we need, right?)! The bloom came off the rose however because adopting a budget is the only way Congress could employ the powerful tool of reconciliation for comprehensive tax reform, thereby eliminating need for any democratic votes. Budget approval launches what GOP leaders say will be an aggressive timeline for passing tax reform legislation before Thanksgiving. House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) is expected to release a bill and conduct a markup next week. Is this any way to run a country???