Earlier this week by a vote of 49 – 46, the US House of Representatives passed the Save Local Business Act, (H.R. 3441) sponsored by Alabama Representative Bradley Byrne. The legislation was drafted in response to the egregious expansion of the joint employer definition by the National Labor Relations in the Browning-Ferris decision just over two years ago. That decision changed the joint-employer standard from a business having “direct and immediate” control over affected employees to the far looser standard of a business having the “ability to exercise indirect control over employees”. The Save Local Business Coalition, a group of national business organizations including the International Franchise Association, the National Restaurant Association and others has championed passage of H.R. 3441 as a vehicle that would protect the franchising industry, reverse the effects of Browning-Ferris and restore the “direct and immediate control” standard that had been in place since the Reagan years. The legislation will next have to win a majority in the US Senate to get to President Trump’s desk.