Governor JB Pritzker signed legislation (SB.3146) just under a month ago amending the Illinois One Day Rest in Seven Act (ODRISA) revising the interval when an employee must receive a day off. Previously, a covered employee in Illinois needed only to receive a day off within any given calendar week (as many as 12 days could pass between days off). Under the new law, effective January 1, 2023, that same employee must receive one day of rest in “every consecutive seven-day period.” Furthermore, these latest amendments also require a 20-minute break for the first 7.5 hours worked and then another 20-minute break for each additional 4.5-hour period, whereas previously, an employee was entitled to a second or third 20-minute break for every additional 7.5 hour period. And finally, penalties for violations will also increase on January 1 from the current range of $25 – $100 for each offense to $250/each offense for employers with more than 25 employees and up to $500 per violation for those with more than 25 employees. Employers will also be vulnerable to damages in the same amounts to aggrieved employees.