Not unlike the New York minimum wage increase, the new Illinois anti-sexual harassment training requirement takes effect just before the New Year – on December 31. The Illinois Workplace Transparency Act (IWTA) requires employers to provide the anti-harassment training to all employees at least once a year. In addition, the IWTA specifies exactly what the training must cover and mandates specific recordkeeping requirements as well. Fines for violations of the act can be quite severe – ranging from $500 for the first offense by an employer with fewer than four employees up to $5,000 for three or more violations by an employer with more than four employees.  And while we’re talking about Illinois, Chicago business owners need to be aware that the final part of the Chicago Predictive Scheduling Law – an employee private right of action – takes full effect on New Years Day. The scheduling law became effective back in July, but in deference to the challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic, the Windy City delayed the implementation of the private right of action an additional six months until January 1, 2021.