The Illinois Equal Pay Act (IEPA) last changed when Governor Pritzker signed the most recent amendment into law last June – a change that didn’t fully take effect until today, so Illinois employers may need to be reminded of their obligations under the IEPA. As amended, the IEPA requires all private businesses with more than 100 employees to submit an application to obtain an Equal Pay Registration Certificate by March 23, 2024 from the Illinois Department of Labor (IDOL). They will then be required to apply for renewal every two years thereafter. The IDOL is assigning filing deadlines for all businesses and by that deadline, employers will need to submit the formal application, including the most recently filed EEO-1 report, along with a listing of employees separated by gender, race and ethnicity with employee-level data including dates of employment as well as total wages. A signed statement of compliance with all provisions of the IEPA as well as a $150 filing fee. Employers with more than 100 employees in Illinois are required to register for the IEPA and that can be done with this form. Compliance violations are currently being assessed at $10,000.