The Illinois General Assembly gave final approval to a bill (HB 117) that broadens the applicability of the Secure Choice Savings Program, dropping the threshold at which employers must register to allow their employees to enroll in the retirement plan. House Bill 117 as amended provides that the program applies to all employers with at least 5 employees versus the 25-employee threshold the program previously had. If an employer has 5 or more employees, the business must participate in Secure Choice! Participation in the program on the part of the employee is still voluntary and no employer matching contribution is required, however efforts continue to make the program more attractive for workers and we can expect additional expansion efforts to be proposed on an ongoing basis. HB 117 originally dropped the employee threshold to 1 employee however, it was amended in the House raising the threshold to 5. Covered employers are required to enroll all employees who have not opted out of participating and failure to do so subjects the employer to ongoing penalties. Governor Pritzker is expected to sign the bill into law.