In arguably another defeat for big labor, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner has begun implementing parts of his proposed merit pay contract for state workers by processing $1000 bonus payments and imposing new rules on overtime.  The payments, which are one-time only, go to employees who’ve missed less than 5% of their assigned work days over the past fiscal year (ended June 30, 2016).  His plan, which was presented as a contract proposal to the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees (AFSME), had been agreed to by all other unions representing state employees in Illinois, but rejected by AFSCME.  Consequently, the Illinois Labor Relations Board (ILRB) found the two sides to be at an impasse, which reduced to writing, allows the Governor to impose his final contract terms.  AFSCME, for its part, can now legally strike or they may challenge the impasse ruling in court.  They have asked the Governor to return to the negotiating table, but that is unlikely now that ILRB has ruled an impasse.