The Illinois legislature has not passed a complete state budget for the past two years with the FY2015 budget being the last to officially make it onto the state books. And, this year looks no different as the elected “leaders” in the 5th largest state in the nation again failed to pass a formal budget and will now need a super majority to enact an official spending plan. Undeterred by the fact that Illinois now has unpaid bills totaling some $14+ billion and a credit rating of BBB- (the lowest of any state and just above “junk” status), the legislature passed a bill seeking to almost double the $8.25 state minimum wage to $15 over the next five years. One sponsor of the wage hike bill, which ironically utilizes tax credits to help smaller businesses to comply, Senator Kimberly Lightford calls it ‘the best chance to raise wage and improve living conditions for Illinois residents.’ I would opine that is unless the particular Illinois resident had a state contract and is owed some part of that $14 Billion!  Republican Governor Bruce Rauner has indicated a willingness to consider a wage increase in the past, but under the circumstances is expected to veto the pending minimum wage proposal. The democratically controlled legislature has also advanced worker compensation reform bills – originally demanded by the Governor as a precursor to his approving a state budget – but in the current environment, the worker comp reform legislation now pending in the Senate still has a long way to go before the multitude of issues in Illinois are resolved.