Speaking of unionizing efforts, organized labor in the state of Illinois is aggressively pushing to create a state constitutional “right to collective bargaining” in Illinois for all employees. In fact, unions have donated $5 million thus far in support of Amendment 1, an initiative petition on the November 8 ballot that proposes to add a new amendment to the Illinois Constitution.  The misleading “Workers’ Rights Amendment” is so broadly written that it would potentially allow government unions to override as many as 350 provisions currently on the books. In addition, the language of the “Workers Rights Amendment” would expand the typical labor issues subject to collective bargaining in unionized settings (such as wages and benefits) adding such nebulous terms as “safety at work” and “economic welfare” to the union wish-list of negotiable subjects. The Workers’ Rights Amendment would inevitably translate into higher taxes and pave the way for an easy expansion of union growth and representation to many private businesses.