A legal challenge against insurance providers for denying losses claimed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic welcomed another voice last week. In-N-Out Burger, the privately-held California-based burger company filed suit against Zurich American Insurance, with which the chain has a $250 million “all risk” policy. The company argues their coverage policy “contains no exclusion for viruses or infectious diseases.” has joined a group of restaurants that initiated legal action against insurance providers for denying claims for losses suffered as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. As we advised back in early April, a number of high-profile chefs and restauranteurs have joined together to fight the issue under the banner of the Business Interruption Group (BIG). This week’s action by In-N-Out Burger is just the latest in an avalanche of business disruption insurance lawsuits. In fact, as of a few of weeks ago, over 100 such cases were pending in federal courts alone, notwithstanding those filed in state courts! Stay tuned!