The old phrase “you ain’t seen nothing yet” sprang to mind last week when we learned of an effort by some Congressional democrats to more than double the existing overtime threshold to over $82,000! In a letter to newly installed Labor Secretary Marty Walsh, Representatives Mark Takano (D-CA) and Alma Adams (D-NC) along with Chairman of the Education and Labor Committee Bobby Scott (D-VA), and Senator Sherrod Brown, urge the Department of Labor to again raise the overtime exemption salary threshold under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) from the current annual amount of $35,568 by more than double to $82,732 by the year 2026! The issue was brought to the fore by the Obama administration when they more than doubled the (then-$23,660) threshold to $47,476 in 2016. However, in a court challenge, a federal judge in Texas overturned the increase and permanently enjoined Obama Rule. President Trump took office and implemented a more reasonable increase to $35,568 where it remains today. In the letter to Walsh, the four point to the threshold being historically between the 35th and 55th percentile, and then conclude that a news threshold should be set at the 55th percentile, which they project would be at least $82,000 in 5 years.