No longer just a ho-hum combination of white bread and filling, today’s sandwich has evolved into a creative and versatile snack or portable meal, and a gastrointestinal necessity for Americans on the go. For Dunkin’ Donuts franchisees, this translates into big opportunity and a big challenge. How do you add new and more complicated sandwich choices, while also accommodating “have it your way” beverages without making customers wait any longer than they have to? Dunkin’ Brands believes a newly redesigned, modular sandwich station will expedite the production of sandwiches and other hand-held items, like wraps or burritos.

Stephen England, vice president of Operating Systems at Dunkin’ Brands, says that Dunkin’ has always been committed to offering all-day-breakfast and an all-day menu, before the increased popularity of sandwich items. The new stations are one more way to support that commitment.