Ever since it started offering deli-like sandwiches to its customers in 2012, Dunkin’ Donuts has been in a constant state of change—searching for the right meat-cheese-and-egg combos to boost breakfast sales and provide all-day companions to its growing roster of beverages. Now, with snacks representing approximately 60 percent of sales, Dunkin’ Brands is trying out new methods to increase food sales and traffic amid a super-competitive quick service restaurant field. Which is why Dunkin’s new “Ready-to-go-Choices” kiosks – currently being tested in several markets – have the industry keeping a close watch.

“When you look at food as a complement to beverages, grab-and-go gives consumers more choices and that is especially appealing to people who are busy,” says John Gordon, principal of Pacific Restaurant Management Consulting Group and DDIFO’s restaurant analyst. “It’s a great way to compete with Starbucks and with convenience stores.”