Anyone who ever noticed the two clocks hanging side-by-side at a Dunkin’ Donuts­—one showing the time 18 minutes ahead—knew they would get a cup of coffee that hadn’t been sitting around very long. For a company eager to sell more coffee, Dunkin’ always knows customers will return for a cup of coffee that is consistently flavorful, whether it is hot or iced. The clocks ensure old coffee will be poured out at the appointed time. Technology has now changed the paradigm, and offers franchisees new tools to guarantee their coffee quality.

In an internal communication titled, “We are stepping up our coffee brewing game,” Dunkin’ Brands Chief Operating Officer Scott Murphy acknowledged the need to make a change and spelled out the next steps. “In 2019, we will begin to install Digital IC3 brewers and refractometers throughout the entire Dunkin’ system,” making Dunkin’ “a more modern relevant brand that delivers unparalleled convenience to our guest.”