The idea of a Hall of Fame has its roots in Norse Mythology, but it was really brought to fruition with Ludwig I, who was the King of Bavaria, in 1842. He commissioned the building of a memorial called Walhalla to hold plaques and statues honoring great Germans. The Hall of Fame for Great Americans, where nominees were selected by a national board of electors, was established in New York City in 1900 and is the first recorded use of the English phrase, “Hall of Fame.”  Since then, halls have been established to recognize famous and notable people in sports, business, the arts and everything in between. Halls of fame enable us to honor and elevate individuals in recognition of their achievements. The DDIFO Franchise Owners Hall of Fame is no different.

Since 2011, DDIFO has identified the pioneers and influential men and women in the Dunkin’ system for induction into its Hall of Fame, identifying those that have exhibited outstanding character, put others above themselves and made a contribution of sustainable significance. Hall of Fame criteria stipulates that the inductee be a leader who sets an example for others to follow and puts the guest first.