Independent Joe will be attending next weeks DDIFO meeting at the DCU Center in Worcester.

DDIFO President Jim Coen met up with “Independent Joe” at his shop and invited him to attend.

Watch the Video Below!

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Featured Speakers at the 9-22-09 DDIFO Meeting at the DCU Center in Worcester.

The line-up of Speakers for the DDIFO Meeting at the DCU Center on 9-22-09 is impressive it includes:  Attorney Robert Zarco and Robert Salkowski of Zarco Einhorn Salkowski & Brito, P.A. will be speaking. Rick Berman of Berman and Company a long time political activist that was dubbed Dr. Evil by 60 Minutes. Robert DeLeo Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, some people refer to Speaker DeLeo “one of the most powerful people in the state of Massachusetts”. Rick Burke, Gerald King and Paul Kinney of the National Retail Tenants Association. See everybody’s bio below.

Robert Zarco

Robert Salkowski

Robert Salkowski

Robert Zarco & Robert Salkowski: Zarco Einhorn Salkowski & Brito, P.A. is one of the top franchise law firms in the United States. Both Robert’s have earned national and international recognition in the area of franchise litigation by representing franchisees throughout the world in disputes involving major franchise systems including McDonald’s, Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts, 7-Eleven, Arby’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, among others. Robert has provided expert testimony before various state legislatures, representing the franchisees’ interests and promoting the enactment of “Fair Franchising” legislation. Sign-up to Reserve Your Spot Now for the DDIFO Meeting, 9-22-09 at the DCU Center

Rick Berman

Rick Berman

Rick Berman: Rick is the President of Berman and Company, a Washington, D.C.-based public affairs firm specializing in research, communications, and creative advertising. Berman has founded several leading non-profit organizations which are known for their fact-based research and their aggressive communications campaigns. A long-time consumer advocate, Rick Berman champions individual responsibility and common sense policy. He believes that democracies require an informed public from all sides. Watch the Video of Rick Berman aka Dr. Evil on 60 Minutes

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Robert DeLeo

Robert DeLeo, Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives

Robert DeLeo: Robert is the Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives. DeLeo represents the “Nineteenth Suffolk” district in the Massachusetts House of Representatives, and before becoming House Speaker, was the chairperson of the House Ways and Means Committee. The Nineteenth Suffolk district includes Winthrop and Revere, Massachusetts. 

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Post Commencement Lease Restructuring – A Guide to Re-Negotiation of Lease Provisions

The biggest mistake tenants make is that they sign their lease and put it in the filing cabinet and don’t look at it again until it is time to renew. This presentation will include how to identify opportunities that occur after a lease is executed, recognizing potential needs that can be leveraged to obtain concessions that can benefit both the Landlord and Tenant.  We will also discuss how to evaluate the relative position of Landlords and Tenants when considering post commencement lease restructuring.

National Retail Tenants Association: The National Retail Tenants Association (NRTA) formed in 1997 is a vital, profit building education foundation for the commercial lease administration industry.  Its broad appeal extends to all business and legal specialists concerned with the management of commercial leases. Its purpose is to improve a retailer’s occupancy cost (generally the 2nd or 3rd highest cost center) and bottom line results.

A panel of NRTA Members:

Moderator: Paul Kinney: Paul is the Executive Director of the National Retail Tenants Association  responsible for the day-to-day management of the association. He is a co-founder of the NRTA and has served as President, and co-chair of the 2004/05 Conference Curriculum Committee. Prior to his role of Executive Director he was employed by Friendly Ice Cream Corporation as Director of Real Estate Services with more than twenty years experience in real estate lease administration. 


Jerry King

Gerald King

Gerald King:   Jerry founded Rent Research Consultants, Inc. as an outsourced service provider to national retail chain store tenants.  As a national consultant he provides lease renewal and option re-negotiation services.  Since its inception these services have enabled his clients to reduce occupancy related operating costs by tens of millions of dollars. Past and current clients include Office Depot, CVS/Caremark, Best Buy Stores, McDonalds, YUM Brands, RadioShack, Darden Restaurants, Boston Market, Friendly Ice Cream, Eckerd Drug, Papa John’s International, Ann Taylor, and Einstein Bagel. 


Rick Burke

Rick Burke

Rick Burke: Rick is President of Lease Administration Solutions, a company that offers a wide range of lease administration services including auditing, abstracting and in house training. Rick is a NRTA Board Member and Curriculum Presenter.  On behalf of the NRTA, he has also taught at Boston University on Lease Administration and Lease Abstracting, and Rick has been quoted in many articles for national magazines and newsletters regarding occupancy cost management issues.

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