Throughout the course of the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on the American economy, the restaurant sector has been hard hit. Same-store sales fell 11.6% at QSRs in March on a 16.3% traffic decrease according to MillerPulse. Drive-thrus and delivery cushioned the drop, but fast-food results also fell victim to steeper slides as the month went on, declining 34.1% in the last week of March. With the U.S. likely moving into recession, it is thought that cheaper price points will limit sales declines vs. casual dining even after dining rooms reopen. McDonald’s (down 13.4%) March results slightly underperformed, but Shake Shack (down 29%) was hurt because it doesn’t have drive-thrus. March QSR same-store sales were hit hardest in the Midwest (down 14.5%) followed by the Northeast (12.9%), South (12.2%) and West (9.5%). DDIFO Restaurant Analyst John Gordon pointed to a welcome sign of good news, “Restaurant industry same store sales momentum improved throughout April and into May.  While still negative overall, the Miller Pulse quick service restaurant (QSR) same store sales number was minus 21.6% in April, considerably improved from the minus 40% range at the end of March. Drive thru heavy brands like Dunkin’ have seemed to have done well in consumer surveys. Drive thru and curbside pickup services were found to be very important.”