In the wake of the Fast Act being signed into law (see above), a coalition of restaurant industry groups (Protect Neighborhood Restaurants) has filed the requisite paperwork to place a question on the 2024 California ballot asking voters to repeal the FAST Act. The National Restaurant Association (NRA) and the International Franchise Association (IFA) seem to be the primary movers behind the effort, which will require the collection of 623,000 valid voter signatures by April 1, 2023. The challenge would then shift to convincing California voters that increasing wages for fast-food workers would drive up costs exorbitantly and force many fast-food restaurants to close – that however may be a bridge too far given the history of California voters! Remember, California is forcing the elimination of gas-powered car sales in favor of all electric vehicles within the next 12 years (followed by Washington and Massachusetts) even as the state cautions residents of rolling brownouts or blackouts because the electric grid cannot handle current demand! Further, a month or so ago, the Los Angeles City Council unanimously voted to put on the ballot a proposed ordinance requiring hotels to house homeless people in vacant rooms, so the California voter generally speaking is not opposed to government controlling many, if not all, aspects of business. We’ll be keeping you advised of new developments.