Notwithstanding ongoing development of the Coffee Café Bakery, a $10 million highly automated centralized manufacturing location (CML) in the greater Atlanta area, Inspire Brands is apparently moving forward with development of Alliance Kitchen, a $2.6 million “ghost” kitchen being built in Atlanta. Most noteworthy in this development is perhaps the fact that The Coffee Café Bakery, which was just featured in the most recent issue (#65) of the DDIFO Independent Joe magazine, is being developed by a collection of Atlanta-based Dunkin’ franchisees who are investing significant resources into the project. Inspire, which just purchased Dunkin’ in December and owns several other restaurant brands, did not respond to news inquiries about the development but has filed a building permit application for the location at 1425 Ellwsorth Industrial and back in May of 2020 received approval from the US Patent and Trademark office of the Alliance Kitchen name. We hope to find out soon whether this development will impact franchisee-owned CMLs in Atlanta and beyond!