It has been bouncing around for a good number of years now and was thought to be settled a few years ago before that settlement was ultimately rejected. Now, it would appear that a settlement has again been reached in the class action suit over VISA and MasterCard Interchange Fees. The lawsuit stems from claims that VISA and MasterCard required and accepted excessive fees from merchants accepting their cards in violation of antitrust laws throughout the period from January 1, 2004 through January 25, 2019. A proposed settlement totaling between $5.54 billion and $6.24 billion was preliminarily approved by the Court back in January of this year. The deadline by which time potential claimants could exclude themselves from the settlement or object to the settlement passed in July. A Fairness Hearing, which is the court’s final opportunity to determine whether the proposed settlement is fair, reasonable, adequate and not based on collusion is scheduled for November 7, 2019. More information is available here.