The Massachusetts Commission against Discrimination (MCAD) has found that the state agency charged with protecting the rights of those with disabilities, the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, illegally discriminated against an individual with disabilities,  The hearing officer determined that the agency hadn’t made a “reasonable accommodation” for his dyslexia, attention deficit disorder and other learning disabilities, ultimately terminating him because of his inability to perform his job functions satisfactorily.  (And, in a nod to the possible problems some see with the transgender bathroom bill, he chose to “self-identify” as a person with a disability.)  In the end, MCAD found that the Rehab Commission subjected the complainant to a hostile work environment and ordered the agency to pay his $113,305 in back pay, $100,000 in emotional distress, interest and attorney’s fees.  Now, six years after the case was first initiated, the award is subject to 12% interest (state law) and now totals something north of $500,000.  This case underscores the importance of staying on top of state requirements and always consulting adequate legal counsel on employment issues.