Despite initiating an upgrade to its data loss prevention plan 8 years ago, the IRS still does not have all systems operational. According to a new report issued this week by the Office of the Treasury Inspector, the agency has taken some steps to prevent the loss of personally identifiable information through email, but “continued delays with implementing other components are preventing realization of the full benefits of the Data Loss Prevention solution.” The systems that are not in place include internal safeguards to monitor and block confidential data from being printed, faxed or copied to USB drives or other removable media. The report also states that delays have resulted in the inefficient use of resources and about $1.2 million in software costs for non-operational systems. IRS agreed with TIGTA’s recommendations and vowed to have all data loss prevention systems in place by June 15, 2021. Wow, only another 22 months and our personal taxpayer information will be safe!