Paul Steinberg writes at BlueMauMau that the success of the Subway $5 footlong has led to other $5 promotions, redefining the “value menu.”

The dollar value menu disappeared long ago from high-cost urban areas, but the new $5 menu may have some staying power. Even in notoriously expensive Manhattan, a recent trip down 23rd Street showed a Subway, a Quizno’s, and a Boston Market offering $5 meal options.

In additon, Burger King has announced the rollout of a $4.99 Fire Grilled Rib, and Domino’s is offering a 5-5-5 deal on pizza/sandwich combos.

For franchise operators, the higher price point is a better alternative than angering customers who come in to their urban sites and expect to get the “national” dollar menu. In addition, the higher price point is less cannibalizing of the full-price menu, and is less likely to devalue the brand perception among consumers.