If we follow the presidential polling the least bit, we know that almost 60% of the registered voters dislike both of the presumptive nominees – Hillary Clinton viewed favorably by 41% and Donald Trump by 40%.  Along with Green Party candidate Jill Stein and Libertarian Gary Johnson, that is the crop from which we’ll choose our next President.  In a similar vein at the state level, 49% of New Yorkers would prefer “someone other than Cuomo” become Governor of the Empire State in 2018.  That same Governor Andrew Cuomo last week announced a legislative package that includes limiting the influence that businesses can have on political issues by capping the amount of money that LLCs can donate in the political arena.  Organized labor donations are a different matter, however.  Against that backdrop, we noted that Maryland Governor Larry Hogan rescinded a total of 72 prior Executive Orders that were outdated (some went back as much as 46 years) or superseded by subsequent legislation.  So, thanks to Governor Hogan, Maryland will no longer have a Governor’s Commission on the Thurgood Marshall Memorial Statue (the statue was dedicated in 1996), nor will there be any meetings of the Scientific Advisory Council (they last met in 1996), and the Maryland War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission will be no more.  A few weeks ago, we reported on a discrimination lawsuit filed on behalf of the US National Women’s Soccer Team because male soccer player with the National Team are paid more money.  This week, an institution that calls itself “the greatest deliberative body in the world”, the United States Senate, passed a resolution urging the United States Soccer Federation to pay the same wages to both its male and female athletes.  Between issues like this and who’s peeing in which bathroom, is it any wonder that Washington can’t get anything done?