Wynne Barrett of Jera Concepts explains forecasting in one simple sentence. “Good data in means good forecasting out.” As a former Dunkin’ franchise owner and now the VP of Business Development for Jera, Barrett understands the inventory and supply chain challenges franchisees and central kitchen (CML) operators face. When he joined Jera in 2004 he helped develop the food service component of Jera’s network solutions business.

The “data in/forecasting out” theory is particularly relevant now with Dunkin’ Brands’ greater emphasis on forecasting to ensure better merchandising. As an approved Dunkin’ vendor and a DDIFO sponsor, Jera wants franchise owners to know their forecasting system can help franchisees and CML’s achieve their goals.

“Forecasting represents a major change for a lot of franchise owners. It’s a paradigm shift and we want to help walk them through it,” said Barrett.

Many Dunkin’ franchise owners have been early adopters of forecasting and see the benefits. They also recognize that even the best forecasting can’t prepare you for the unexpected storm or busload of tourists.

“You have to have a tool and theirs works well,” said Ray Messier a Massachusetts franchise owner. “We want to get the right numbers and with their forecasting we know when we’re within the right parameters. Jera has kept us ahead of the curve. Anything we’ve asked them to do they’ve done for us.

According to Barrett, accurate forecasting doesn’t necessarily mean a franchise owner will decrease his daily orders.

“We’ve seen stores where forecasting has reduced product a store orders and we’ve seen stores when orders increase as a result of forecasting,” said Barrett. “Typically almost all stores south of New York decrease see orders decrease while stores in the north can see both decreases and increases depending on the existing merchandising philosophy of an individual franchisee.”

Barrett says he will happily discuss Jera’s forecasting tools with any franchise owner or kitchen operator who is interested in learning more. He can be reached by email: wynne@jeraconcepts.com or by telephone: 508.686.8786.