DDIFO President Jim Coen has hired Joan Gould to fill the new position of Sponsor Coordinator. Joan has more than 17 years of experience in sales and marketing as well as a background coordinating promotional events and trade shows. In her new role, she will help grow the Sponsor program and make it more successful.

“The whole premise of DDIFO—an organization that unifies franchise owners to band together over common causes and concerns and work towards mutual benefit—is not only a smart way to do business; it’s also really exciting,” said Joan.

Joan began working as an advertising account executive in 1992. In 2000, she took a media buying position with Moynihan Lumber Company. In 2006, she returned to ad sales. These positions afforded Joan a unique and valuable perspective since she served as both a seller and a buyer.

“I got to experience both side of the sales equation. As a media planner and buyer, I learned firsthand just how important it is to have your time appreciated, to be thanked and recognized for your business,” Joan said. “When I returned to sales, I brought that new understanding with me and made sure that my clients were aware of my genuine gratitude. I’m eager to bring that perspective to my work with DDIFO and believe it will be invaluable in developing and maintaining Sponsor relationships.”

“Joan has a great understanding of advertising and marketing. Her experience will be very beneficial to our sponsor community, and I am confident she will provide excellent customer service,” said Coen.

Joan began working with DDIFO on June 6. She has already picked up on several potential Sponsors in the pipeline and is working with them to develop individualized plans that meet their goals within given budgets. She also is open to hearing from franchise owners with leads on vendors they feel are trustworthy and that offer products and services that would be beneficial to other franchisees.

“I can’t wait to take part in my first Members Meeting so I can meet and interact with people face-to-face” said Joan. “I’m excited to get to know the players and grow the Sponsor program in ways that profit both the membership and the vendors.”

Joan can be contacted with Sponsor leads at joan.gould@ddifo.org or 508-422-1161.