Well, maybe I should have said “not in the newsroom”. This week the US Circuit Court of Appeals for DC ruled that CNN did not qualify as a joint employer, overturning an earlier NLRB ruling.  The issue was raised by union technicians who brought suit against CNN and their subcontractor, Team Video Services when the network reorganized their Washington and New York Bureaus back in 2003 without negotiating the reorganization with the union. The NLRB ruled that CNN was a joint employer of the technicians, therefore required to collectively bargain the restructure, and also ordered the cable news network to pay back-pay and benefits to the workers. The unanimous court decision, which ironically was written by Chief Judge Merrick Garland, nominated for the vacant Scalia seat on SCOTUS by President Obama, negates that order and remands to case back to the NLRB. Although the big joint-employer ruling came in the Browning-Ferris decision, the CNN issue predates that case, so Browning-Ferris may still come into play.