One committee in Congress also moved to address a ‘disaster’ of a different sort this week when it gave formal approval to H.R. 3441, the Save Local Business Act. On a party-line vote of 23 – 17, the House Education and the Workforce Committee advances the bill, which narrows the extent to which certain businesses can be considered joint-employers under the National Labor Relations Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act. Ostensibly, the bill seeks to overturn the decision of the NLRB in the Browning-Ferris case, which greatly expanded the definition of ‘joint-employer’ as applicable for wage and hour, safety, employment liability and collective bargaining purposes. Filed by Alabama Representative Bradley Byrne, the bill has 95 co-sponsors including a handful of democratic Congressmen in the House. Notwithstanding, there is still a long way to go for the measure to become law as proponents in the US Senate will need to win support from at least 8 democratic Senators and hold all republicans to break an expected democratic filibuster. Aside from legislative efforts to overturn Browning, there is also an appeal pending before the US Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington DC. Watch for more to come over the next several weeks.