_Joyal-Capital-Management-LogoSince 1990, Joyal Capital Management (JCM) and its subsidiary companies have been strategic advisors to Dunkin Donuts franchisees.

JCM Franchise Development provides advice on the full range of strategic transactions—from mergers and leveraged buy-outs to refinancing, divestitures and more. The company helps its clients buy and sell more Dunkin’ Donuts locations than anyone else in the country.

JCM Advisory Services provides valuations, consulting and accounting services. The company completed over $150 million of valuations in Q4 2012 for such purposes as partnership buyouts, mergers and acquisitions, and estate planning.

JCM Mortgage Company arranged over $70 million of new commercial loans for clients in 2012 and is on pace to exceed that amount in the first half of 2013 alone.

“JCM has assembled a team of subject matter experts who truly understand the ins and outs of the Dunkin’ Donuts business,” said JCM Managing Director Daniel P. Connelly. “Our franchisee clients are often long-term as we continue to provide non-transactional, value-added benefits to their organizations.”

https://ddifo.org/sponsors/ For more information, visit www.joycapmgt.com or www.jcmfranchise.com, or contact Dan Connelly at dconnelly@joycapmgt.com or 508-747-2237.