There are two dates every year when we have to be especially conscious of changes in government laws and/or regulations – one is January 1 and the other is today, July 1, the start of many government fiscal years.  With so much new regulation being piled on to the business community, we thought it might be beneficial to advise you of a number of state or local communities where some requirements are changing effective today.  We’ve already advised about the Vermont GMO labeling law.  There are also a few states where the minimum wage increases effective July 1: Maryland increases its minimum wage today to $8.75/hour, the Oregon tiered minimum wage system takes effect with some wages going to $9.75 (depending on where the business is located) and the Nevada CPI adjustment becomes effective today.  Further, the District of Columbia minimum goes to $11.50 per hour beginning this day, while the wage in Los Angeles bumps to $10.50 today.  LA also mandates that employees begin accruing sick leave beginning today as does Santa Monica and San Diego as well.  There are many other changes too numerous for us to identify that may kick in on July 1 in your state or city, so you may be well advised to check with your legal counsel to ensure you are in compliance with all current local, state and federal government mandates.