With the turn of the calendar in another couple of weeks, a number of changes to minimum wage requirement will take place across a host of states. It’s important you take note of them and be sure to remain in compliance. Effective July 1, the following increases become effective: Connecticut will increase its minimum from the current $13 an hour by another dollar to $14 per hour and is slated to reach $15 in less than a year (June 1, 2023); likewise, Nevada, which has a two-tiered minimum wage structure depending on health benefits, will see its minimum go to $9.50 for employees offered health benefits and to $10.50 for those who are not offered health benefits; and Washington DC, which increases the minimum wage by the cost of inflation will see its minimum rise to $16.10 at the beginning of the month. In addition, there are many individual cities and towns that also mandate an increased minimum wage effective July 1. These include the Portland OR metro area ($14.75), as well as Chicago & Cook County in Illinois ($15.40 and $13.35 respectively); Minneapolis and St. Paul ($15 per hour in each); Montgomery County in Maryland ($15.65) and others throughout California and Oregon. You may find this guide from the GovDocs website to be helpful on those community particulars.