As states around the country begin or advance the re-opening of their economies, one could easily overlook the mandated increases in state and local minimum wages that are already on the books. To avoid that problem, we advise that you check in with your employment professionals or legal counsel on changes that may be happening with regard to your state minimum wage requirements. To the best of our knowledge, there are 3 individual states plus the District of Columbia that have mandated increases to the state minimum wage effective July 1, 2020. Those jurisdictions include: Illinois (from $9.25 to $10/hour); Nevada (from $8.25 without health to $9/hour and from $7.25 with health benefits to $8/hour); and Oregon with its 3 tiers of minimum wages (nonurban going from $11 to $11.50/hour, general from $11.25 to $12/hour, and urban with mandates currently of $12.50 going to $13.25). Minimum wages within the Nation’s Capital of Washington DC increase July 1 by a full $1 from the current $14.00 per hour to $15/hour. In addition, there are a broad number of county and local community mandates within and across a number of different states that will also require a July first increase. Again, check with your employment professionals.