Through our reporting in Small Regular No Sugar! our subscribers have read of the great work that the Coalition of Franchisee Associations (CFA) does on behalf of member franchisees across the country. With timely webinars, the virtual Congressional Town Hall meetings that began several months ago and specific representation on issues of import to franchisees, CFA has proven its value time and again. Their work is critical to continued success – especially so in these difficult times – but, it is also expensive! To keep CFA positioned to best represent the interests of the franchise owner community nationally, and to do so as effectively as possible, please consider making a 2021 contribution to the CFA PAC. There is an annual limit of $5,000 for individual contributions (based on the calendar year), but any amount up to that limit is welcomed! Corporate funds can NOT be accepted by the PAC, so be sure your contribution is from a personal account. CFA has been there for franchisees year in and year out. Now, shouldn’t we be there for the CFA too? Please consider making a generous 2021 contribution now to CFA PAC. We thank you for your consideration and watch for more CFA webinars and information coming soon.