As we move closer to the New Year, we’ll focus more attention and provide you with details on upcoming increases in state minimum wages across the country. In the meantime however, we want to keep you abreast of some of the wage trends and initiatives we’re still seeing around the country. We told you a few weeks ago that Tucson had voted to mandate a $15 minimum wage within the next three years, well just days after that vote was certified, the Pima County AZ Board of Supervisors proposed matching that $15 per hour level, notwithstanding strong opposition from some Board members. Likewise, the Howard County Council in Maryland has a proposal that has already been the subject of a public hearing to raise the county minimum wage beyond $15 to $16 per hour, even as the state is still making its way statewide to $15 per hour in 2025. And in Georgia, the city of Savannah has incorporated a $15 per hour minimum wage into its 2022 budget proposal, now pending before the City Council. Finally, there is an initiative petition drive underway in the state of Idaho that would increase the current $7.25 state minimum wage to $13 per hour and hike the tipped minimum there from the current $3.35 to $10 an hour.