Los Angeles began enforcing its vaccine passport requirement on restaurants and a host of other businesses on Monday of this week. Arguably, the strictest vaccine mandate in the nation, Los Angeles now requires restaurants, gyms, theaters, hair salons and other businesses to see proof that patrons have been vaccinated before they are to be allowed to enter to the business. Businesses not complying with the municipal mandate will be subject to a warning for a first offense, but fines between $1,000 and $5,000 for subsequent violations. Although San Francisco and New York City both require proof of vaccination to enter restaurants, the LA ordinance applies to a many more types of business. And, in a similar vein, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock last week announced that effective Tuesday before Thanksgiving, the Mile-High City would also be requiring proof of vaccination – or mandatory wearing of a facemask – for all employees and customers in Denver restaurants for at least the next 45 days taking the mandate into the New Year.