On the surface, it may seem that the labor issue pendulum has swung in favor of business with the Trump administration taking office and Congress in the republican control, but business interests shouldn’t expect the unions or their advocates in the plaintiff’s bar to go quietly into that good night! To the contrary, we found this article on Bloomberg to be prescient in many ways as to how the labor attorneys will likely respond and the mayhem they may seek to cause in Washington as President Trump seeks to implement more business-friendly policies. And, although change will definately come with the new administration, it will take time.  Remember that the National Labor Relations Board is an independent government agency whose members (both democrat and republican) are appointed to 5 year terms by the President and confirmed by the Senate with one term expiring each year. General Counsel Richard Griffin (author of the joint-employer issue) is a presidential appointment as well and his term is valid until November 2017. The term of Board member Philip Miscimarra, currently the only republican NLRB member, will be first to expire under President Trump in December 2017. The terms of Chairman Mark Gaston Pearce and member Lauren McFerran expire in 2018 and 2019 respectively. There are also two vacant seats on the NLRB.