A number of sitting lawmakers joined United Food and Commercial Workers Local 99 in filing suit against the state of Arizona this week challenging the validity of HB 2579, which restricts cities and counties from enacting legislation that mandates what employee benefits private employers must offer their employees.  HB. 2579 passed both branches and was signed into law by Governor Doug Ducey on May 11, but neither branch passed the bill with less than the three-fourths supermajority required by the Arizona Constitution for the legislature to amend a voter-approved initiative.  The voters approved Proposition 202 back in 2006 which granted local communities the right to establish minimum wages, possibly triggering the supermajority requirement.  HB 2579 arose in response to efforts by both the cities of Tucson and Tempe to mandate paid sick leave policies for private employers within those communities.  The suit contends that the new law effectively repeals Proposition 202 and thereby requires supermajority approval.