The United Auto Workers and other unions asked the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals last week to rehear their challenge to Hardin County, Kentucky’s right-to-work ordinance. As we reported just two weeks ago, the 6th Circuit upheld the county law and by extension, several others throughout Kentucky (which is the only southern state that has not adopted right to work legislation) and a number of other states (including pro-labor Illinois). Right to work laws prohibit unions from collecting dues from non-members as a precondition of employment. The unions have asked for the entire Sixth Circuit to rehear the case, although in many ways, that ship has sailed in the 26 states that have adopted right to work. Notwithstanding, desperate union leaders, looking down the barrel of inevitable right to work legislation in Missouri (which will likely become the 27th right to work state), are planning a 2018 ballot initiative to amend the state constitution effectively undoing any right to work legislation that the new republican Governor and legislative supermajorities in the Show Me state may enact into law. State AFL-CIO President Mike Louis has already filed several versions of an initiative that would require all employees to pay fees to cover the costs of union representation – whether they want to or not – with the Missouri Secretary of State’s office.  There is also a separate challenge to right to work laws currently pending in the West Virginia courts.