Back during the 2020 Presidential Campaign, then candidate Joe Biden made it clear where he would come down on labor issues, pledging to the AFL-CIO at a Labor Day event that he will be “the strongest labor president you ever had” when he is in the White House. Well, he’s only been there two days, but that prediction is already coming true.  With the changes already made at the NLRB, President Biden is delivering on one of the top priorities of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters – personnel changes in the NLRB. He has also already filed a comprehensive immigration reform package that includes all of the items – from pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants to union representation for all workers – found on the union’s wish list. In addition to pushing for passage of the PRO Act, the union also wants Congress and the White House to resurrect the card check union elections and restore the shortened timeframe of the so-called “ambush” election. These and other union goals were included in a policy paper the union released identifying their top priorities for the 117th Congress and the new Biden administration.