There’s that old saying that the wheels of government turn slowly, and they may even be stopped altogether in many instances, but, the reality is that the federal government is moving favorably for small business on a number of issues. The Department of Labor is moving forward on several fronts that you will want to follow. First off, DOL officially released its Request for Information (RFI) on the overtime threshold rule this week, meaning that the public can submit comments over the next 60 days on the regulation directly to the Department as it considers new parameters. The rethinking has been in the works for the past several weeks, but with the publication of the RFI, all the mechanisms are now in place to reset the wage threshold for overtime to more reasonable numbers. In the same vein, there are still two weeks within which DOL will accept comments on the so-called Persuader Rule, and we encourage our readers to comment. The Persuader Rule, put in place last in April 2016, dramatically limited the advice that attorneys and others could give employers engaged in union representation elections. Fortunately, the courts permanently enjoined the rule from taking effect, but the Trump administration is wisely planning to completely rescind the rule so it will permanently be off the books. The Coalition of Franchisee Associations (CFA) encourages businesses to visit their website and submit comments by the August 11 deadline opposing the Persuader rule. And, on an issue that the restaurant industry has been fighting since 2011, the Department of Labor under President Trump is planning to rescind the tip-pooling rule, an Obama regulation imposed 6 years ago that effectively prohibited restaurants from allowing a tip pool to be shared with the back of the house.