Although they haven’t all followed suit, most states across the country have followed the Internal Revenue Service example and postponed their state tax filing deadlines until May 17. As we advised you last week, the IRS for the 2nd consecutive year has postponed the tax filing date – for individual taxpayers only this time – in recognition of the challenges presented by the COVID pandemic. In response, most states this week adjusted their own tax filing deadlines to coincide with the federal deadline. At this point, only five state have deadlines approaching before the May 17 federal filing date, but of those five, only two – Hawaii and Indiana – do not have changes in the works. The other three, Arizona, Idaho and Iowa, all have legislation pending that will similarly postpone the tax filing deadline. There has been no movement however in regard to adjusting business filing deadlines, or the payment of estimated taxes, both of which are still required as of the historic date of April 15. Check with your tax professional for more information.